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Welcome - Free Healing + Healing Advice + Holistic Therapies.

Patient Record: The first time a person comes for healing they need to complete a simple form giving their name, address and contact details plus a brief history of their illness(s). This information is kept securing in strict confidence - in accordance with the data protection acts. This is part of the healers code of conduct to keep records and our way of keeping touch with those who attend.

Explain process: If they have not been for healing before, one of the healers or helpers will explain how the healing process works.

Chair/Treatment Couch: The person for healing will either sit on a chair, or sit or lay on a treatment couch where healing is given. If laying on a couch often a light throw is place over the person - please see picture above. There is no need to remove any clothes unless the person having the healing wishes to remove their glasses, shoes and/or top coat.

Laying on of Hands: If a healer feels that it would be beneficial to give healing by the gently lay their hands, they will ask permission prior to the laying on of hands. If the person for healing is not happy with the laying on of hands, then the healer will work from a distance.

Releasing blockages: The healer will non-intrusively place their hands to find blockages within the person's energy fields to try and release any blockages. Our energy fields mirrors our physical, mental and emotional states. Healers have the ability to channel energy through their hands to release blockages that can encourage the body's self healing process.

After Healing: After the healing session the healer will offer the person a glass of water to drink and talk to the person about the healing session. The healer may give the person some general advice to help your own self healing process but will not give any medical diagnosis.

Return visits: The healer may suggest that the person having healing come back for more healing sessions if they feel it would be beneficial to the person to do so.

Welcome to stay: After the healing session is finished the person is welcome to stay and relax at our Healing Centre.

Side-effects: There are no known side effects other than the person having healing may feel very calm and relaxed any healing.

Healing takes time: Healing process is rarely instant, may take a few hours or days before the benefit of the healing is felt. We can give no guarantee that the healing will work.

Other treatments: Healing works well with other holistic treatments and also with conventional medicine.


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