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Gentle Touch Healing is a Registered Charity number: 1105985 for England and Wales

Brief Background about our Founder Ray Wilson and why our organisation was founded

In 1947 - 'Baby Boomer' - born in the very cold Winter of 1947 and was one of the babies born after WWII known as the 'Baby Boomers".

In 1960 - Two Missions - since the age of 13 Ray Wilson (Founder) realised that he had two missions, one was healing and the other to set-up an organisation for gifted children.

1st Mission - Healing

In 1982 - when he was about 35 he became aware that he was psychic and started using his psychic ability to help others.

In 1987 - it wasn't until Ray was about 40 when his younger sister Christine was unfortunately diagnosed with terminal cancer. He felt a very strong need to put his hands and to give healing, but he didn't know what to do.

In 1990
a few years after his sister's passing, Ray met a healer who introduced him to The College of Psychic Studies in London where he did his basic healing training.

In 1992 he joined the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) where he fine tuned his healing skills and started to help run local healing centre's for the NFSH.

In the mid 1990's due to the recession he struggled to keep going as a healer as he was out of work, out of funds and was unable to see all the people who asked him for healing. On returning to work he had a problem with tiredness and exhaustion while holding down a full time job and being a healer in the evenings and weekends.

In 1996 he was frustrated with the way the UK healing industry had developed and couldn't see a good future. He was particularly was concerned about the lack of support that some healing organisations gave their healers and that the industry being funded by healers and not The Public.

In 1996 - the concept came to him to find a way of funding healing by making a range of self healing tools to help others. Ray clearly defined his objectives to find a way of creating a healing organisation to that gives free healing and to support current and future generations of healers.

In 1997 he asked five friends - Irene Linstead, Mike Gammons, Robert Willmott, Cathy Pope, Anna Brem- to join him and set up Gentle Touch Healing and our journey started. They started working on a range of self-healing tools to help other and also bring in funds to support the Free Healing.

1999 - Pyramid Healing Centre - after visiting the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary the visit inspired the idea of using their knowledge of pyramid shape to create their own purpose built Pyramid based Healing Centre. After several brain storming sessions the concept and initial design of the building was created - the building design evolved over the next 12 years to reach it's current design.

Please click on the HISTORY option for the continuation of our journey.

2nd Mission - Healing Organisation

In later years Ray realised that his second mission related to helping gifted children such as Indigo children, in particular those with the gifted with healing.

Ray plans to hand over Gentle Touch Healing to these children who are gifted with the ability to heal and leave a good legacy for the future of Spiritual Healing.

Composer - Ray is also a composer of music and publishes his work under the name of "Touch". Now composes music that is to help healing others - please click this link to hear some of his compositions.

Gentle Touch Healing is a Accredited Member of BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations).



The Birth - To create a new range of energy products to help others and at the same time bring in income to achieve our objectives. He invited some of my fellow healers, plus some friends, to work with him on the project.

Pyramid Products - After listing a range of media such as sound, vibration and colour that could be used for healing, it became clear that we needed to mirror the principles of healing itself - channelling healing energy in a protective environment. For centuries the healing power of the pyramid shape has been widely known so we started working with the pyramid shape as our initial media. They found this shape ideally suited - a balanced area of channelled flowing energy, which can help bring our own body back into balance. After two years of hard work they came up with a range of pyramid based energy tools.


Pyramid Healing
Energy Healing
Energy Coaster Pendulum


Registered Charity no. 1105985