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History of Gentle Touch Healing
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Gentle Touch Healing is a Registered Charity number: 1105985 for England and Wales


1996 - Concept - the idea of Gentle Touch Healing started and Ray Wilson (Founder) created a list of healing tools mediums such as using colour, light, crystals, sound, music etc. with the concept of giving free healing and bringing in an income to pay for the healing by selling a new range of energy healing tools.

1997 - Formation - Ray invited a group of experienced healers and some friends to join him and created their first range of energy tools. Many of these are based on 'sacred geometry' designs around the pyramid shape. Founder members: Ray Wilson, Irene Linstead, Mike Gammons, Robert Willmott, Cathy Pope, Anna Brem.

1998 - Trading Company - set-up a trading company hiring Stands at many National exhibitions to promote the range of products and to give healing.

1998 - Self Healing Guide - created and published "Guide to Self Healing".

1998 - Website - created the first website promoting their aims and sharing knowledge.

1999 - Pyramid Healing Centre - after visiting the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary the visit inspired the idea of using their knowledge of pyramid shape to create their own purpose built Pyramid based Healing Centre.

2003 - Support Group - formed a support group - "Friends of Gentle Touch Healing" helping raise funds. Carried our car boot sales, local fund raising events, local talks and sharing of knowledge.

2004 - 1st Healing Centre - set up their 1st Healing Centre at The Rufus Centre in Flitwick, Bedfordshire - one evening each week.

2004 - Prince Charles - Ray wrote to Prince Charles about the future Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre. Clarence House referring us to The Princes Foundation and through this link met the architect Jon Allen who has been helping us with the design of our future healing centre.

2004 - Registered Charity - became a Registered Charity with the key objective 'To promote for the public good; spiritual healing, without charge, for the relief of sickness and for the preservation of health'.

2005 - BAHA - became a member of The British Alliance of Healing Associations.

2006 - Village tour - did a village tour of local villages to bring healing to the community.

2007 - Healathon - organised a 'Healathon' to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the group.

2008 - Holistic Health Fayre - organised an 'Holistic Health Fayre'.

2009 - Old School Flitwick - moved the weekly healing centre to another rented venue.

2010 - NHS - invited to support various local NHS health related events - for public and NHS staff.

2011 - Wrest Park - moved the Healing Centre to Wrest Park, expanding healing services to a forty hour per week operation.

2012 - Therapy Room - hiring room for Holistic therapists moving towards an Holistic approach to healthcare.

2013 - Expanded Healing Centre with an extra room for healing and holistic therapy.

2014/5 - Extended Healing Opening Hours - to over 40 hours/week.

2016/7 - Consolidate our healing services - expanded the number of people coming for healing and holistic therapy.

Future - Build Holistic Healing Centre - the ultimate goal is to build a purpose built Holistic Healing Centre where healers, therapists, doctors and nurses can work together for the benefit of the general public... a place of peace and tranquility.


The Birth - To create a new range of energy products to help others and at the same time bring in income to achieve our objectives. He invited some of my fellow healers, plus some friends, to work with him on the project.

Pyramid Products - After listing a range of media such as sound, vibration and colour that could be used for healing, it became clear that we needed to mirror the principles of healing itself - channelling healing energy in a protective environment. For centuries the healing power of the pyramid shape has been widely known so we started working with the pyramid shape as our initial media. They found this shape ideally suited - a balanced area of channelled flowing energy, which can help bring our own bodies energy back into balance. After two years of hard work they came up with a range of pyramid based energy tools.

Pyramid Healing
Energy Healing
Energy Coaster Pendulum

Registered Charity no. 1105985