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Articles about spiritual healing Healing process, Healer, Healers on Healing, Laying on of hands
Published by Daily Mail 10th August 2004 - covers:

The fascinating world of chronobiology describing how our body works. "At 6am fertility is highest. At 4pm nails grow fastest. At 5pm your grip is strongest" Hour by hour, how the human body renews itself.


Published by the best magazine - 30 July 2002 issue 30/02 - covers

How the use of our healing pyramids can help with migraine

Published by the Healing Today magazine - Issue 93 - August 2002 - covers
  • Healing shapes and Designs
  • Number of sides
  • How do they work?
  • Food Yields
  • Healing Centres
  • Testimonials

Published by the Positive Health magazine - Issue 76 - May 2002 - covers

  • History of Energy Shapes and Designs

  • How do these Shapes and Designs Work?

  • Can Shapes and Design Heal?

  • How have they been tested?

  • What Can These Tools Heal?

  • Testimonials

Mystery of the Healing Pyramids

Published by Gentle Touch Healing - Web site - January 2004 - covers:
  • Sacred Geometry

  • Structure/Materials

  • Angles/Position

  • Healing Properties

  • Dense Pranic Energy

  • Geometric Pranic Generators

  • Cellular link

  • DNA link


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