The Dream

Liz and Clive

Background - Liz Farr

At the age of 18 Liz married Michael. He had been diagnosed with Hodgkinson's disease when they were engaged. Unfortunately, Michael died when Liz was just 26.
Eventually remarried and had her son Robert, but sadly the marriage did not work out.
With low confidence Liz picked herself up and met Malcolm and while on honeymoon in the Cotswolds they were involved in a car accident with Malcolm taking a side-on collision impact. They did not know whether he would make it through the first night, but he did recover after a difficult year of illness. Two years later Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. They eventually settled down to 13 normal years of marriage, during which Liz became a stepmother to his son Mark.  Unfortunately Malcolm was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer with secondaries in his liver. After nursing Malcolm through his illness, he died in 2001.
Through a skiing trip Liz met Clive and found her “soulmate”, but it was just six months later
when a pain in her back was diagnosed with secondary cancer of her spine. Liz decided to take a holistic approach to her treatment and went on a strict cancer friendly diet, healing,
and a new life style to help fight her illness, along with some conventional medical treatment.
Liz became involved in helping others who were going through similar problems to her own.
In 2005 Liz had a trapped nerve in her back and after various scans found that the cancer had
spread to her liver and other areas of her body.
Liz is a very brave and courageous person who despite her problems picks herself up
to bring joy to many people with her buoyant and infectious personality.

Ray Wilson - Gentle Touch Healing 


                                               Ray Wilson

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Liz and partner Clive
Proud Mum
Proud Mum
Liz Farr Family
Liz, Clive, Rob and Francesca - who was in charge of still photography at the recording studio
Liz and friend Mike O'Sullivan
Mike will be interviewing Liz
throughout the filming
Liz and Clive      Liz Farr      Liz and Clive