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Design overview for Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre
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Design overview for planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre


The building design will be based on the following principles

Central Healing Rooms

Based on a Bagau design (Feng Shui) will have 7 Healing Rooms with the Entrance area being the 8th element of Bagau.

Each Healing Room will have a skylight in the ceiling, a window at the end furthermost from the centre and a glassed doors at the end nearest the centre.

Pyramid Shape

Over the Central Healing Rooms will be a six-sided pyramid shape.

Copper will be used at the Apex, base of each pyramid pole, plus directly under the apex underground in line with base of poles to ensure good grounding.

One third of the pyramid will be under-ground - most powerful place for healing - with the third of the height of the pyramid being in line with the top of the treatment couches.

Around the base of the poles will be a floral display and partitioning to stop anyone from hitting their heads on the upright poles.

If feasible, a large faceted glass sphere to hang from top/centre of the apex.

Crystal Cave

Beneath the Central area will be a Crystal Cave to help energies the Healing Centre plus for visitors to see, educate and enjoy.

This area will also have rooms for: Storage plus Staff Changing and Locker rooms with shower (one room for men, one room for women).

Access to basement will be by a spiral staircase (anticlockwise going down), a lift plus stairs at back of the Healing Centre.

Outer Rooms

The Outer rooms will be in line with the 'Egg of Life' (Sacred Geometry) being made up of partitions rooms.

Copper will be placed at all entrances beneath the floors to ensure those leaving the building are correctly grounded.

A 'sound screen(s)' will be used to reduce the sound coming from the Café and other public areas. This could be in the form of a glass viewing area inside, around the Shop/Café area so that when the Healing Centre is closed for healing, members of the public can view inside the Healing Centre.


Four of out the six pyramid roof sided will be Solar Panels and the other two sided will be made out of glass. At the top of the pyramid apex will be automatic vents to help control the heat and area circulation. (Solar Panels subject of detailed technical studies design, to be carried out).

The outer rooms roof will be covered in suitable material to match with the Natural Surroundings (possible could be grass covered). The area between the upper pyramid shape and outer rooms with be made of glass.

All glass used will be Special Glass to protect the building becoming a 'glass house' to ensure that the correct heat and air conditions, plus the glass type that does not need cleaning. There is glass on the market that has a special coating that reflects the Sun's heat and at the same time it reflects back the heat within the building to avoid heat loss.

Planet Friendly

Planet friendly - The Healing Centre to be built over and linked to a Heart Chakra Earth Ley Line so that the Healing Energies within the building can be channeled to the Earth's grid of Ley Lines to help our ailing Planet. This shape is often known as a 'Pranic Energy Generator' as it can build up energy within the shape and its surrounding vicinity.

Where feasible, the dimension will be based on The Fibonacci Series format, which relates to nature and will bring the Healing Centre in line with its natural environment. This format relates to 'phi' and the 'Golden Rectangle' which has been used for centuries by architects in their buildings.

Eco Friendly

A Eco Friendly study is required to ensure that the building using the most up to date technology to user its 'as Carbon Neutral as possible and does not drain energy from the planet. Some ideas for this are:

  • Electric - supplied by Solar Panels
  • Heating - supplied by heat sensors bring the heat from the earth/ground.
  • Lighting - supplied by Solar lighting or Solar Panels
  • Water for toilets - supplied by rain water from the roof
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