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funding required for Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre
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Funding requirements for planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre

This project could be broken down into two phases:
Phase 1 = Initial Building and Landscaping

Phase 2 = Main Landscaping and Gardens

Phase 1 Initial Building and Landscaping The current estimated phase 1 cost are shown below:

  • Cost of Land: for 12/15 acres with footprint to build the Healing Centre would be around £800k
  • Planning Permission: would depend on the land location, the worst-case scenario could be £200k
  • Healing Centre Building: based on an average of £2.30 per square foot for 13,000 square feet = £3 million
  • Drainage: would depend on the distance of the land to the nearest mains drains - worst-case scenario = £250k
  • Road Access: would depend on the distance of the land to the nearest main road - estimate = £250k
  • Car Parking: based on £1200 per car park space, for 40 cars and 3 coaches = £70k
  • General Landscaping: land dependant, estimate £150k
  • Eco Equipment: such as Solar Panels, Heat Sensors, estimate £250k
  • Contingency: = £330k
  • Start-up cost: = £100k

Total estimated cost: = £5.4 million - build time once land purchased and planning permission has been obtained would be between 18 months and 2 years.

Phase 2 Main Landscaping and Gardens - estimated cost = £600k

Long Term Financial Sustainability - Once the Healing Centre has been built it will be managed by a small key team salaried staff supported by teams of voluntaries. The sustainability would be funded as follows:

  • Donations - from Patient and Public
  • Gift Aid - from refund of tax on UK donations
  • Rent - from Therapy/Doctors Rooms
  • Rent - from Seminar Room
  • Shop - selling health food and products
  • Cafe - selling snacks and drinks
  • Vegetables - selling organic grown vegetables and fruits

A comprehensive business plan has been produced showing the expected income and outgoings that would make the project financially sustainable.

Pyramid Healing Centre


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