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Layout of Healing Room for future holistic healing centre
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Planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre


Healing Rooms Layout

Example Healing Room layout and facilities

Healing rooms

Room Size room size long enough for Treatment Couch and also wide enough for working on outside auras. Curved side rooms would help the energy flow.
Sound proof room to be made sound proof so that no outside noise disturbs the healers and patients.
Room floor room floor to be carpeted to make it comfortable on the healers feet if healing with no shoes.
Room Doors room doors to be silent when opening and closing + allow to be set to open.
Entrance door room to have end entrance/exit door with window and blinds.
Curtains room door entrance to have curtain that close silently.
Skylight room to have skylight for nature light + adjustable blinds to cover the skylight.
Room lights room lights to be to dimmable.
Light colour room lights to emit colour lighting to fill the room.
Music controls room to have controls to the music played with volume controls.
Treatment Couch room to have treatment couch that can be easily adjusted hydraulically + adjustable back rest + floor power supply facilities to avoid any cables.
Healer stool room to have a stool on wheel for healers use with adjustable height.
Chairs room to have suitable chairs for healer + for patient family use.
Coat stand room to have coat and shoe stand for use by healer and patients.
Wash basin room to have wash basin and paper towels.
Drinking water room to have drinking water facilities, ideally filtered.
Data connection room to have data connection for laptop computer with link to Internet and Internal patient records.
Electric power room to have adequate electric power sockets on both sides of the healing room.
Cabinet room to have lockable cabinet for healers personal belongings e.g. handbag.
Storage room to have inbuilt into the walls storage facilities for supplies.
Pyramid Healing Centre
Pyramid Healing Centre
Healing Room
Healing Centre Land

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