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Case and need for Support - holistic pyramid healing centre
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Planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre


Within our Case for Support document there is a comprehensive reasons for the need for this type of project. Below is a brief extract from the document.

Is Healing Beneficial? – Healing is thousands of years old and recognised by the UK Government, BMA and NHS. However, there is no clear evidence that healing works and, due to the nature of healing, is often given along side other treatments so there may never be clear evidence. The evidence that healing is beneficial is demonstrated and upheld by public support. The University of Southampton – School of Medicine - carried out a study in 2010 commissioned by the Harry Edwards’ Healing Sanctuary. As there had not been a UK study on Spiritual Healing, this study was to produce a questionnaire to assist future studies. Due to copyright restrictions GTH are only allowed to publish the study summary – see Appendix 2. A copy of the full study can be obtained from the weblink shown at the bottom of Appendix 2. Some Healing Organisation's ask patients to complete ‘patient surveys’ after healing but healing is rarely instant and the patient is in a relaxed and vulnerable state of mind! The real value of this type of survey is questionable.

Growing Need for Healing – In the UK there is no database of healers so the exact number of healers is unknown. Healers can be a member of more than one healing association, so the figure supplied by the insurance companies of insured healers can only be a guide. The insurance company figures of 10 years ago indicated that there were around 12,000 healers in the UK at that time. Their current figures show about 35,000 healers in the UK. This shows a rapid growth, and an increasing demand for healing. There are also many more healers working within GP surgeries and also in hospices and hospitals. In the UCL (University College of London) there is now a team of healers on the payroll of the NHS. The NHS is now using more healers and complementary therapists as part of their health care policy.

Holistic / Integrated Approach – Ray Wilson feels that the future of Health Care is going to be a Holistic / Integrated Approach. This is where doctors, Healers, Therapists and other health care workers all work together to heal all aspects of the patient in order to give patients more options and a better health care service. See Appendix 3 for an example of a Holistic Treatment plan. This approach is built into the project to enable all the health care team to work together, ideally under the same roof. It is hoped that once the benefits of this approach have been proven, it will inspire others to do the same.

Venues for Healing – For over 18 years Ray Wilson has been running Drop-in Healing Centres in the Bedfordshire area at a wide range of rented venues. These venues are often in halls, schools and social clubs with adjacent rooms being used for e.g. line-dancing, gyms and noisy social events, so not fully suitable for healing. These venues often have a lack of car parking, poor heating, poor seating or poor acoustics and often need to be cleared of tables and chairs to make space for healing. They often lack an area where healers can talk confidentially to their patients about their problems. If a group of doctors came together they would build a purpose built doctors surgery or hospital equipped with the tools they need to carry out their work. Healers require the same, a purpose built Healing Centre so that they can give a better and more comprehensive service to the public.

Ideal Venue for Healing – a purpose built Healing Centre would require the following criteria: Good Car Parking – ill and vulnerable people need good car parking provision close to the venue, with good lighting and access. The car park also needs to provide designated spaces for the disabled. Disability Access – need good disabled access to the venue to include walking aids, wheel chairs and wheel chair access.

Reception area – a welcoming reception area. The waiting areas need to be set out so that some visitors can socialise and others can be on their own. Comfortable and suitable chairs and tables are also required along with refreshments.

Confidentiality – confidentiality is very important and healers need rooms within the Healing Centre to talk confidentially to the patients. Often patients need to talk about their problems as part of the healing process.

Healing Environment

• Quiet Environment – Healers need a quiet state of mind to heal. Often opening/closing doors can disturb the healer and patient or outside noise and people talking nearby can be a major problem.

• Adequate Space
– Healers need adequate space to work with their patient so need to be separated from other healers and patients in order that no negative energies are exchanged.

• Healing Equipment
– Healers often need to use treatment couches and/or specialist chairs to do their work.

• Suitable Lighting
– Healers need to work in gentle and sometimes dimmed lighting so that they can see the patient auras or create a calm environment.

• Calming Music
– Healers like to play relaxing music to create a calm ambience. The music levels need adjusting to suit each healers needs.

• Hand Washing
– Healers need to wash their hands between patients so that no germs or negative energies are transferred between patients.

• Temperature Control
– Healers need to work in a comfortable temperature to suit their needs.

Rest Areas – Healers need somewhere to rest and take a break.

Suitable Clothing
– Healers need to change into suitable comfortable clothing for healing. They also need somewhere to keep safe their personal belongings.

Drinking Water
– Healers need to regularly drink water to replace the fluid used when channelling energy.

Training Venue
– Healers need a suitable venue for training and also for healer get-togethers, where they can exchange ideas and knowledge.

Good Energy Environment
– Healers need a venue that has good energy for healing. This will help to enhance the healing process.

Record keeping
– Healers need to use their time for healing rather than creating patient records. Having a reception team doing most of the paperwork would free up the healers from doing this.

Patient Refreshments
– Patients and visitors need refreshments. Currently GTH offer them water to drink but they may welcome tea or coffee or something to eat.

– Healers and Patients need to be educated as to what treatments are available to them, plus have support information.

– Sometimes it is difficult to place donation boxes for GTH’s charity. in a location that the Patient can see and also offers privacy.



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