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Vision of holistic pyramid healing centre - Gentle Touch Healing
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Vision for planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre


The vision for the project sees the creation of a building specially designed for healing and health promotion, founded upon the principles that healing should be free for those who need it (this fundamental principle is also a founding principle of the NHS – healthcare which is free at the point of delivery).

The design of the building will be based upon those principles and qualities that are healing-giving; and produce and support well-being. This will include sitting the building in order to complement the natural qualities of the site topography, vegetation, micro climate, landscape forms and characteristics. The building itself will feature natural materials, use of colour, and geometrical proportions to create a harmonious and peacefully environment, encouraging healing processes within patients, and supporting the staff and practitioners in their work.


Project Outcome

We would like to achieve the following outcome from this project:
More time for Healing
If we had more time, we would have more healing time for each patient. In addition, we would have the time to help more people.

Better facilities for Healing
If we had better facilities for healing it would help us maintain a high quality of healing. In addition, having more healing rooms would enable us to increase the number of healers working in the Centre.
Sharing Knowledge
We would look to encourage healers and therapists to share basic knowledge so that they can better understand the various therapies that could be offered to those in need.
Community healthcare service
Having other healthcare workers in the Centre would enable the community to have a one stop place for healthcare and give them a wider range of healthcare services. It would also enable us to offer healing to a more sectors of the community (e.g. the Elderly).
Holistic / Integrated approach
An holistic / Integrated approach to healthcare would bring together skills and knowledge that would enable more healthcare options, to help to give a better quality of life to those in need.
Nutrition and Exercise
We would look to grow a range of good organic and nutritious foods to use in our Café and also to sell these products in our shop.5 Gardening can be good for exercise and also be therapeutic and would encourage volunteers to help us with the gardening. We would also encourage exercise as part of the holistic approach to healing.
Being a sustainable Healing Centre would enable future generations of people to have these facilities available to them and not be a drain on other resources.
Ecological/Planet friendly
Being ecologically and planet friendly would help ensure that the Healing Centre did not take resources from our planet, but we hope would help to enhance the planet's resources.
We hope that this project will inspire others to create similar projects to help the general improvement of healthcare services.

Vision Board

Registered Charity no. 1105985