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Poem Category: General

Poem Title: "Dogma"

Poem by: anonymous

Poem Title: "Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking"

Poem by: a 17th Century Nun's Prayer

Poem Title: "Nobody"

Poem by: Touch

Poem Title: "The Invitation"

Poem by: (Excerpted with permission from book - THE INVITATION. Copyright (c) 1999 by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

Poem Title: "The Man in the Glass"

Poem by: a Canadian Poem

Poem Title: "Think it Over"

Poem by: Ron Bird

Poem Title: "To the Believer"

Poem by: anonymous

Poem Title: "When things go wrong"

Poem by: anonymous

Poem Title: "Who you are"

Poem by: HRH Dalai Lama

Poem Title: "Wisdom of the Elders"

Poem by: Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation


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