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Energy Mouse Mats from Gentle Touch Healing, Bedfordshire, UK
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Energy Mouse Mats


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Energy Mouse Mat 13.20 + Postage/Packing   Yes
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If you wish to order via post, please send your order and cheque to our Office in Bedfordshire, UK

More than just a mouse mat - our Energy Mouse May can help to:

  • Bring greater harmony to office and home
  • Encourage the potential for Creativity
  • Enable and assist Clear Thinking
  • Helps the release of Stress
  • Copper lined for good grounding

(Copper lined)

Is the modern computer good for our health?
Does the modern computer produce harmful energies?

How they work

Computers can produce dull and stagnant energy. Our Energy Mat can stimulate dull and stagnant energy, and concentrate natural energies that help balance those emitted by the computer. This design has been found to help people to work with less stress, in greater harmony, with themselves and their colleagues. It also has the potential to enhance creativity.

The copper lining is to ensure that at all times you are fully grounded.

Healing Properties

We can not guarantee that this or any of our products or services will improve every individual's well being or health. What might work for one person may not necessarily work for another.

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