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Energy Wands from Gentle Touch Healing, Bedfordshire, UK
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Energy Wands


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Spiral Energy Wands - single ended (Double ended no longer available).

22.00 + Postage/Packing  Yes
Spiral Wands
If you wish to order via post, please send your order and cheque to our Office in Bedfordshire, UK


Range of Energy Wands
in a variety of sizes and colours

Single ended version with a visible crystal at one end
and another crystal at the other end blanked off.


  • Available in 4" and 5" sizes, excluding length of crystal
  • Includes 2 natural crystals (one within handle and the other at the open end)
  • Programmed for healing, cleansing and protection
  • Covered in soft plastic (available in red, blue or yellow)
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Supplied in storage container
  • Now incorporating copper wire spiral to enhance energies

Please note: These products are professional tools for Healers.

Energy Wands

Energy Wands

Energy Wands

How they work

Our energy wands can be used for various purposes

1. Removing negative energies and thought patterns from your auras

Hold the wand in your hand and scan the auras with one of the wand end with a crystal. When you have found any negative energies or thought patterns, energise the wand and gently move the wand up/down the affected area to remove the negativity.

2. A tool for Healing

Hold the wand in your hand with the cap end in your chakra at the centre of your palm. Energise the wand and point it at the affected area, then use the wand as a cutting tool to remove the damaged area.

3. To help seal rooms from Negative Entities

Hold the wand in your hand  and point the wand to the top corner of the room, energise and then slowly move around the room until you have fully sealed all of the room.


From time to time, it is important to leave the wand in sunlight to cleanse.

Healing properties

We cannot guarantee that this or any of our products or services will improve every individual's well being or health. What might work for one person may not necessarily work for another.

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