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Sit-in Pyramids quotation from Gentle Touch Healing, Bedfordshire, UK
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Sit-in Pyramids

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Sit-in Pyramid - 4 Sided
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Sit-in Pyramid - 4 Sided
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If you wish to order via post, please send your order and cheque to our Office in Bedfordshire, UK

Our Sit-in Pyramid is made from Glass Fiber rods with copper joints and top

Supplied complete with Copper Grounding Square, Faceted Glass Sphere

4 sided version (base chakra)
6 sided version (heart chakra)


Pyramid Healing Environment

Pyramid Healing Environment

Tim Wheater using one of our 6 sided sit-in pyramids with his music


Aura photo's using our  4 sided sit-in pyramids for 10 minutes

Aura photo's
Before using Energy Environment
Aura photo's
After using Energy Environment

Once assembled, you can either sit or lye within the structure for as long as you wish. The subtle energies within the structure can clear/clean you auras and chakra's, then balance you energies.
Healing Properties
We can not guarantee that this or any of our products or services will improve every individual's well being or health.
What might work for one person may not necessarily work for another.

What is the difference between our 4 and 6 sided healing environments?

Our 4 sided environment tends to:

  • work more on the physical level – physical related illnesses
  • work through chakra's to auras
  • allows more space for  a treatment couch

Our 6 sided environment tends to:

  • work more on the emotional level – emotional/stress related illnesses
  • work through auras to chakra's
  • allows more room for healers to stand within (if a healer assists)




Both types need approximately 2 square metres of floor space

Healing_Pyramid_3d4size.GIF (4049 bytes)
4 Sided
Healing_Pyramid_3d6size.GIF (4111 bytes)
6 Sided


Supplied complete with Copper Grounding Square, Faceted Glass Sphere

These Products may take about 2 weeks to produce once an order has been received.

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