Section 5
Treating the Source of Problems

Some people just treat symptoms rather than the source of a problem . This leads only to temporary relief from pain. To fully recover, it is important we find the root of an illness. Listed below are common sources of illnesses, with suggested solutions.

Control Dramas - Be aware that other people may be draining you of your Energy and making you ill, at work or at home. They may not be intentionally doing this, but it does happen and can be a cause of illness. When people are upset, angry, afraid or even ill, they try to control the situation using ‘dramas’ such as: intimidation , interrogation , aloofness or forever asking ‘why me?’ to drain you of your Energies. The answer is not to play their games. For example, if someone is trying to intimidate you, recognise what they are doing and resist their efforts. They may try harder, but if you hold your own for just a short while, they will back off or start to negotiate with you. This way they will leave your Energies alone. If necessary, protect yourself by visualising a shield of gold or white light around you .

Fears - We all have fears, another common cause of illness. Notice if your fears are getting out of hand. Try to come to terms with them. Remember you are not alone. If necessary, seek professional help and guidance to help yourself.

Giving too much of yourself - People who spend their time giving too much of themselves to others can become ill due to this, particularly working parents. They leave themselves to the last, not eating regularly or eating enough, let alone eating a balanced diet. They get run down and tired, and find that their bodies cannot cope. If this is the source of your illness, then make time for yourself. Otherwise you may not be around to care for those you love.

Major Traumas - Often illness is due to a major trauma at some point in life and if this applies to your illness, you may need to come to terms with this before you can start to get well. This can be very difficult, so if necessary seek professional help.

Each new journey starts with a first step

Negative Emotions - Most negative emotions can be the source of illness. These include - Jealously , Anger , Hatred  or any other that is very intense. There is no harm in being angry, but if you hold on to the anger, then it has been come out sometime or somehow. Try not to bottle up your emotions, let them go.

Past Problems - Resolving past problems is an important process. To resolve past problems, try writing them down on paper and then burning the paper. Talk to a friend - a problem shared is often a problem halved. We all know that we are unable to change the past, yet it is tempting to dwell or hold on to it even though this may make us ill. Make a concerted effort to live in the present. Try to put past problems down to experience and let them go. If you find you cannot do this and your life is being dictated by past issues, seek professional advice. With a counsellor’s help you could resolve the problems and put them in the past forever.

Stress - Unfortunately, all of us have to cope with stress. Patients with stress-related illnesses often find it’s related to the work or home environments. Reduce stress by changing your habits: take your time, pause between tasks, build in regular rest periods and meal breaks. Communicate your needs to others and avoid taking on too many projects. If you can’t change some of your habits, try to release your stress in other ways. Go for quiet walks, read, listen to music or take up sport.

Stubbornness - Believe it or not, stubbornness is another cause of illness . If you are stubborn, stop and think: ‘Is my stubbornness making me ill?’ Have people told you that your stubbornness will be the death of you? If so, give a little. Stop being so stubborn. You may say: ‘That’s my nature, why should I change?’ Why indeed! What is it you’re afraid of? Why are other people’s ways of doing things are so threatening to you?

Weakened immune system - In our current stressful environment the immune system can be impaired leading to illness. Try and keep a balanced life and ensure your have a good diet.

Learn to control thy shadows, as they are a part of thee

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