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Section 8
Visualisation for Healing

The brain is powerful and can send messages to all parts of your body through chemical stimulation. For example, when you blush, your face goes red. This is caused by a chemical created by your brain in response to something that you have seen.  


With visualisation we can use the brain to good effect:  

Focusing your thoughts - If we are in pain , visualise the exact area of pain and send it healing thoughts and love. Often the pain may ease or disappear.  

Attacking "bad cells" - If we have damaged cells, maybe cancerous, then visualising these cells being eaten by the "good cells" may promote healing. Some people with cancer find this helpful, others claim to have been cured. One method is to visualise two armies, the good and the bad and have the good cells/armies overcoming the bad cells/armies.  

Repairing damaged parts - If you have broken bones, you can visualise new cells multiplying rapidly to mend the break in the bone.  

Emotional and mental problems can be tackled in a similar way.

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